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The Book of Common Prayer



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The Book of Common Prayer is one of the major works of English literature. Since its introduction in the mid-1500's it has exerted enormous influence on the religious and literary lives of all who speak the English language. The Book of Common Prayer has gone through a number of editions, not only in England where it originated, but in all the places where the various Churches of the Anglican communion are now active.

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The Book of Common Prayer for the U. S. Episcopal Church

Current (1979) Edition:

Red BCP IconASCII (plain text) Version
Red BCP IconFormatted Version: RTF and WordPerfect 6.0
Red BCP IconHTML and other versions 

Older Versions:

Blue BCP Icon1928 in HTML format.
Blue BCP Icon1892  in HTML and WordPerfect 6.0 formats
Blue BCP Icon1789 in HTML and WordPerfect 6.0 formats.
Blue BCP Icon1786 Proposed BCP in HTML and WordPerfect 6.0 formats 

Supplementary Litugical Materials: 

Changes and additions adopted at General Convention in July. Note: If you currently use SLM or plan to do so in the near future, be sure to save this page onto your own computer now, as it is likely to be posted at this site for a limited time only.

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From Other Anglican Communions:

U. K. FlagChurch of England:

Alternative Service Book (ASB): several sections available in RTF format; other Church of England liturgical resources are available here as well.
1662 Book of Common Prayer:
Older Books:

Irish FlagChurch of Ireland:

A Service of the Word - non-eucharistic Sunday service

Canadian FlagAnglican Church of Canada:

1962 Book of Common Prayer (incomplete).

flag_nz.gif (168 bytes)Anglican Church in New Zealand:

Morning Prayer for each day of the week
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The Virtual Bookstore: new.gif (111 bytes)

Need a copy ot the Book of Common Prayer you can actually hold in your hands? Need something not on this site, or a book about the BCP? Now you can buy it here - and probably at a discount!
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