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What this site is:

This Virtual Bookstore is for those who are looking for a real, live, copy ot the Book of Common Prayer, or perhaps a book about the Book of Common Prayer, are pretty sure they know what they want, and are comfortable ordering online. We provide descriptions and occasional reviews of the books listed, but we do not offer advice, and you can't actually see the books before you order them. 

If you aren't sure what you want, if you need advice, or want to speak to a real live person, or actually look at the book before you buy, we strongly recommend you contact your local Episcopal or Anglican bookstore. If there is none near you, several have web sites, toll-free numbers, and/or email addresses. A few are listed below:


The Episcopal Book/Resource Center
   815 Second Avenue
   New York, NY, 10017
1-800-334-7626 x6118
Yale University Student Book Supply
   Yale Divinity School
   409 Prospect Street
   New Haven CT 06511 
Cathedral Bookstore,
   840 Echo Park Ave., 
   Los Angeles, CA  90026
800-366-1536 x228
Trinity Wall Street
   74 Trinity Place, 
   New York, NY  10006
Cathedral Gift Shop
Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral
   P. O. Box 412048
   Kansas City, MO 64141
Episcopal Bookstore
  3837 Stone Way N
  Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 545.0500
Church House Publishing
  31 Great Smith Street
  London,   SW1P 3BN  UK

Anglican Book Centre
  600 Jarvis St.
  Toronto, Ontario   M4Y 2J6

1-800-268-1168 (Canada only)


If you know of other similar bookstores with web sites, toll-free numbers, or email, please let me know.

When you click on a book title in one of the succeeding pages, you will be whisked away to, the largest book dealer on the Internet, and will actually be ordering the book from them. What we do is to provide you with a "pre-screened" list with better, more detailed descriptions so you can more easily find what you're looking for. If you do a search for the title, "Book of Common Prayer", at, for example, you'll be presented with a rather bewildering array of over 100 books. We've taken the time to go through these and have picked out and described fully those which are of greatest interest. Note that you won't be committed to buying a book until you give your credit card number.


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