All Saints' Episcopal Church, Whitman, Mass.



People of any age who are serious about following Jesus Christ are encouraged to seek instruction and preparation for Holy Baptism. Parents of infants and young children, who have a clear commitment to raise their children as disciples of Jesus Christ and as regular participants in the life of the church are encouraged to seek instruction and preparation for the baptism of their children.   Call the Rev. Patti Hale to inform her of your desire and to schedule the instruction and  baptism.

Baptism normally takes place during the Sunday worship of Holy Communion in the church. The optimum date for baptism is Easter since baptism is about dying to an old way of life and being raised to a new life in Jesus Christ. The next prime choices are Pentecost in late May or early June; All Saints Day in early November, the Baptism of the Lord in early January, or a Sunday when the bishop is present at All Saints.

Confirmation, Reaffirmation, and Reception

People sixteen and over, who were baptized at an earlier age, make a more mature public affirmation of their faith and commitment to sharing in the mission of Jesus Christ in the rite of Confirmation. Confirmation is administered by the bishop. Here in Massachusetts, Confirmation is celebrated with candidates gathering from parishes within an area deanery.  Our bishops believe that in doing so those confirmed gain a sense of the Church as broader entity than their own congregation.


Holy Matrimony

Holy matrimony asks God’s blessing on a man and a woman as they exchange their vows of lifetime commitment to each other. Preparation for holy matrimony is planned and scheduled with our Rector, Rev. Patti Hale.  Preparation consists of at least 4 premarital counseling sessions and must be scheduled 4-5 months before the wedding.  At least one partner needs to have been baptized. Both partners are asked to sign a declaration that they believe marriage to be a lifelong union and for the procreation and raising of children, when they are given, in the love of the Lord. The couple will be encouraged to exchange their vows in the setting of the Holy Communion. For partners who have been married before, a request is made of the bishop for permission to marry. The bishop looks for concern for the well-being of the former spouse and any children of the prior marriage.


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