About my pet humans

  1. The adult pair
  2. I have an adult male, an adult female, and their two male kits. I actually got them pre-owned from a large, white cat who could no longer take care of them. Personally, I think he spoiled them a bit. And perhaps getting them second-hand accounts for some of their peculiar health issues and preoccupations. I have to keep a close eye on their health. My pets, their families and friends have a number of health and learning problems, so I put together a resource page for them to check when they need information, support or advice.

    The adult pair have seen better days, but they are still active enough to keep me busy looking after them. He especially likes to play in my garden. She'd rather read than do much of anything else. Of course, they both have computer fixations. That's one reason why I chose them: I knew it meant they'd be more likely to stay up late to keep me company while we play on the computer.

  3. The kidlings

  4. Here, let me introduce them... milo in grass
    ...this is the older one... milo on boy's foot
    ...this is the little one... on other boys foot
    ...excuse me, I smell a juicy bug! milo leaving

    The kidlings are a 'tween and a teen, a young teen. From the stories I hear from others who raise kidlings, the teen is pretty docile, but then, he has hasn't started molting yet, so I'd better not get too comfortable about how's he doing. I keep an eye on his feet; I've heard that when the teens begin molting they can shed their shoes constantly. That would be too bad. The 'tween complains about the scent of his brother's shoes, but they remind me of dead bugs and old carcasses. I want to start self-anointing every time I smell them.

    The 'tween has always been especially well-behaved for me. Ever since, that is, I bit him for not washing the soap off his hands. You'd think he'd know better than to leave it on there with his sensitive skin. And we hedgies are so sensitive to the scent of soap and perfume, we have to teach our pets early to get it all off their skin.

    Although most kits the age of these two spend their days away from the parents, these two remain at home where they can explore and read and build and learn to their heart's content. The parents refer to this as "homeschooling." The kits are especially fond of playing with those inedible little pieces of plastic, anything to do with Star Wars, figuring out how things work, playing basketball and soccer, and learning karate and music.

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